Autobahn Test Suite Latest Autobahn Test Results

The Autobahn Test Suite provides integration tests for establishing conformance with the WebSocket specification (RFC6455). To run the tests yourself, you will need to have a working Python installation. It is recommended to run the tests in a virtual environment.

$ mkvirtualenv wstest --python=/usr/bin/python2
$ pip install autobahntestsuite

WS-RS uses the autobahn-client and autobanh-server examples as WebSocket implementation for the test. For example, to test the client implemenation start the test server in one window:

$ cd tests
$ wstest -m fuzzingserver

And run the client example in the other:

$ cargo run --example autobahn-client

To test the server implementation, start the WS-RS server autobahn-server example in one window:

$ cargo run --example autobahn-server

And run the test suite client in the other:

$ cd tests
$ wstest -m fuzzingclient